mardi 30 avril 2013


Deux volumes du cycle de termas (གཏེར་མཛོད) de རྗེ་ཁེ་རོ་གླིང་པ (J.K. Rowling) (traduction de ནོར་དཀྱིལ་བུ་ཆུང་རྒྱལ, disponibles :

ཚེ་དང་རྡོ Bod ljongs mi dmangs dpe skrun khang, 320 p., 2007. ISBN 978-7223-02258-3. € 14,

གསང་བའི་ཁང་པ Bod ljongs mi dmangs dpe skrun khang, p. 348, 2009. ISBN 978-7-223-02624-6. € 14,-

En français, les titres de ces deux termas se traduiraient respectivement et approximativement : Harry Potter et la pierre philosophale (à l'école des sorciers) et Harry Potter et la Chambre des Secrets.

MàJ : Il s'agirait d'une traduction tibétaine à partir du chinois.

Alternativement, comme le suggère le barde tibétain Tsering Wangdu, l'épopée de Gesar de Ling ferait une meilleure lecture pour les enfants, car il est plus imaginatif. Merci à Dan pour cette suggestion.

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  1. Hi J,

    Gesar is better, more engaging with the imagination, than Harry Potter, if you believe this person.

    I do.

    Hope you aren't working too hard.


  2. Actually, I almost forgot, but some people got together and had a fun discussion about the Tshe-rdo as a translation of "Philosophers Stone" some time back.

  3. Thank you Dan. Years back, I read An thu'u hreng's tale "tsag sgra 'tshong mkhan bu mo chung chung" with my Tibetan class, which was fun. The Tibetan translation was part of a book with the title "phyi rgyal gyi byis sgrung btam btus", which starts with A li pa pa dang jag pa bzhi bcu'i sgrung. First printed in 1979. I have the 1987 edition. You probably have it.

    "Everyone ought to learn French, right after Tibetan." Dan Martin

  4. Malhereusement, J., I haven't always followed my own advice to the letter. In fact, French was my first 2nd language I managed to fail at. First in a long string. No, I don't have that Ali Baba book, but can't think why not. I've recently learned that even the Brothers Grimm took some of their "folk" stories from the French, so that's all the more reason to learn how to speak and write it if at all possible! -D

  5. From the brothers Grimm (gcen gcung ko len, don't ask me why ko len):
    spyang ki dang ra phrug bdun, 'bras sog dang*/ rdo sol/ sran ma gsum/, nya pa dang nya pa' bza' zla and last but not least bu mo thal mdog. The less obvious tale in the list is The Straw, the Coal, and the Bean (,_the_Coal,_and_the_Bean).

    As for the French, whenever you're in the neighbourhood, we will try to help you improve it!

  6. And did anybody notice how they Tibetanized Rowling's name?


    Corpse Islander?




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